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Jon was the best!

He went above and beyond to help us sell our house. He worked so hard to get our house ready for closing. He knows the area and that helped with our quick sale. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to my family and friends!

Kristy Z.

Jon is an exceptional realtor.

He went above and beyond in assisting us selling our home. He was very informative throughout the process and was always just a call or text away. He provided us with reasonably inexpensive contractors during the remedy phase and also personally helped out on some minor repairs as well. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone in search of a trusted realtor. Five stars in every aspect!

Joe T.

Jon was great to work with!

I recommend him to all of my friends and family!

Jazzmon M.

If you are in the market of selling or buying check this guy out.

I used him after my father's passing, and he worked harder and had the knowledge of the market better than anyone I met with. Most said list at 195000. He was upfront, honest and very personable. Give him a shot, plus lives in Pataskala.

David Pollock

Jon and I sought to sell my mothers house after she died.

Probate and attorney made things more difficult than normal. Jon accomplished the necessary things to get the property sold. My attorney was indifferent and obviously not interested in the best interest of my mothers estate. Jon got past rude treatment, dismissal, and basic un cooperative behavior from my attorney, to succeed in a most beneficial sale. I thank God for having Jon in my corner, on MY side, and being a new and trusted friend. earnestly, Rockford Rainier P.S. I am quite sure the buyer of mothers house is satisfied with Jon s diligence, integrity, and professionalism as I am.

Rockford Rainier

"Excellent knowledge of the local market.

He really spend time looking for the right house for my wife and me. He tried to find the best deal for us. This process took several months, but he was patient and very courteous."

Luis Arreola

Hard worker, will go out of his way to make sure his customers are fully satisfied.

Would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Bolon to whoever's looking to purchase a home for theirselves or a rental property. 5 Stars.

Michael Kerr

Jon worked relentlessly on our property needs, often spending more time with my family than his own.

Jon went out of his way to be creative in a very competitive market and literally worked around the clock. As my agent, Jon was able to make time to show me properties during what could be considered odd hours due to my work schedule and was always prompt in returning details of his research. Not once was I in a situation in which I had to wait for a return call or leave a voicemail as Jon was always prompt in taking my calls. Jon conducts business with an ever present positive attitude and is quick to redirect focus when the situation warrants. I trust Jon implicitly with my personal business needs and would not consider doing business with another agent.

Anthony Perry

People this would be a great realtor for you!

Jon, I live on Pebble Creek, in fact I have the same model...I saw all you did to sell this unit...flyers in our doors, ads on local community sites, signs up for open house...I was impressed by all you did for your seller!!

Victoria Devore-Parks
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"Excellent knowledge of the local market.
He really spend time looking for the right house for my wife and me.
He tried to find the best deal for us. This process took several months, but he was ... more "
by arreola luis a
"Jon was very professional and kept us informed throughout each step of the real estate process. He went above and beyond to help get the property sold. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon to anyone ... more "
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